FEDRO GAUDENZI LIMITED, established in 2012, emerges from a personal involvement with the hand-craft and design of each piece.

Cut, proportion and process of labour give each piece timeless value as well as redefining uniqueness.


Beyond our dedication to the Bespoke process and customer experience, as a company we aim to be an active and vocal supporter of the modernisation and relevancy of Bespoke clothes making. Participating in renewing people’s interest in traditional tailoring craftsmanship is crucial to how we execute our work, as is offering a fresh perspective on the behind-the-scenes of Bespoke world.




Founder Fedro Gaudenzi drafts and cuts all bespoke pieces and oversees their production in our London Soho studio.

Trained from a young age in traditional Bespoke tailoring under Console Costantini (Pesaro, It), after his time in Savile Row he spent several years exploring a design career which covered tailoring, menswear, womenswear, and shoe design.


Bespoke tailoring is an inherently sustainable practice for the planet, and for the people who make it happen. Every piece is created from inception to finish within our Soho Square atelier, by highly skilled staff that continuously works and trains to keep one of the oldest crafts alive and relevant to today's needs. Mass manufacturing methods, outsourcing, production volumes and seasonally disposable collections have no place in bespoke clothes-making.

Zero-to-none material waste is generated in bespoke, since every piece is made with the exact amount of cloth needed for it, and their lifespan can last generations.  A bespoke garment is made with the future in sight so it can be reworked and altered for decades to come, many times becoming heirloom pieces that get passed down between generations.

But there is always more work to do, and we are ready to accept our part of responsibility and challenge our business to do and be better. We cannot wait to share our progress with you.