'Bespoke: specially made for a particular person'

- Cambridge Dictionary


The creation of each and every piece starts with a design meeting with our founder and head cutter, Fedro Gaudenzi, where he gets to know every client to create a one-off design together that truly represents their taste and lifestyle. Once the hand sketched design is signed off, the craftsmanship begins.

From the drafting and hand-cut of the pattern to the making, fitting, and finishing of the garment, the full bespoke process happens in-house from our Soho Square atelier, staying true to the heritage of traditional tailoring techniques.

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Following a Design Appointment, the making of a bespoke garment begins following strict traditional tailoring techniques:

Draft & Cut: A one-off pattern is drafted and cut specifically for you on card, based off more than 30 measurements from your appointment. It then gets traced with chalk into the final material, and of course cut by hand.

Assembly: Every piece is fully assembled by hand following strict bespoke tailoring techniques, from the hand padding of chest canvases to handmade buttonholes, and visible dot stitch. Every garment at FEDRO GAUDENZI is made in-house from our Soho Square atelier.

Fittings: The first fitting of a Bespoke piece allows for many decisions to be made or altered, from the shape of the lapel to the number and placement of coat pockets, or removal of trouser pleats. The last fitting serves as a final check for fit of the garment on the body, and details like sleeve length and hem style are confirmed. First-time clients usually need up to two additional fittings with the cutter between first and last appointment.

Delivery & Care: Upon last fitting, your bespoke piece is ready after being hand finished and a heavy ironed with dry press. Each garment is delivered in a breathable suit bag with care label specific to your piece. We offer a complementary press for all bespoke pieces, indefinitely; our clients are always welcome to pop in and ask for a next-day press so their bespoke garments are always sharp.


All our FEDRO GAUDENZI BESPOKE pieces are designed and cut by founder and designer Fedro Gaudenzi, who also participates in and oversees the production of every garment together with Lead Tailor Jo Carvey, of 30 years experience in Savile Row coat-making.

We work closely with a close-knit network of industry freelancers and collaborators for specific projects that require specialist know-how, from fine jewellers to couture seamstresses, artists, or bespoke textile manufacturers.


Fedro Gaudenzi - Founder, Creative Director

Fedro Gaudenzi drafts and cuts all bespoke pieces and oversees their production in our London atelier. Trained from a young age in traditional Bespoke tailoring under Console Costantini (Pesaro, It), he also spent several years exploring a design career which covered plus-size clothing, childrenswear, and shoe design.

Fedro is an artisan who understands how to craft clothes to excellence, and considers himself a maker - he knows each piece doesn't begin to exist until there is a conversation with the client. Each bespoke piece is infused with his signature cut style and sensibility to the full development process.

Joanne Carvey - Head Tailor                    

Jo Carvey has over 30 years experience coat-making in Savile Row at Henry Poole, Kilgour, and Anderson & Sheppard. Jo joined the company full time after freelancing to work on one of the most unconventional bespoke pieces for a client to date, in which her dedication and curiosity to produce an outstanding product unlike anything in her portfolio made it clear she was a perfect fit for the company.

Jo continues to add value to our in-house production process through her insights, and coat-making is now only a small part of her bespoke skillset.




Our process begins with a Design Appointment that goes way beyond having over 30 measurements taken. The Design Appointment is an in-depth design consultation to discuss the best style, cut and fabrics for a bespoke piece based on the client's preferences and Fedro Gaudenzi’s insights and guidance.

The Design Appointment is an opportunity to discuss favourite scents, books, or travel anecdotes, so we can get to know every client's personality and lifestyle for a unique, joint design process.

Each client is closely involved in the design of their bespoke garments from the very beginning. Giving our clients unrestrained potential allows us to combine the tailoring craft's heritage with the highest level of creativity, and bring innovation into our work by always finding a way of making your ideas become a reality using only traditional bespoke tailoring techniques and the expertise that comes with working across every type of garment, material, and textile manipulation.

"For us Bespoke is as much about the process as it is about the idea, and about never saying 'no' just because it hasn’t been done before”

- Fedro Gaudenzi


We stand by our motto "If you can think it, we can make it", giving back full and unconstrained creative expression to our customers.


That is why our range of bespoke pieces goes from classic 2-piece suits to bespoke T-shirts, tracksuits, leather bomber jackets, and everything in between.

We aim to be an active and vocal supporter of the modernisation and relevancy of Bespoke clothes making.


Participating in renewing people’s interest in traditional tailoring craftsmanship is crucial to how we execute our work, which is why our clients are always welcome to pop in and see for themselves the making of their bespoke clothes as it happens - because full visibility into this unique process is at the core of our work, and should also be at the centre of the bespoke experience.

Our work covers classic tailoring, contemporary and casual tailoring, eveningwear & ceremonial, making bespoke a truly limitless craft.

Classic and modern suits

• Casual jackets, e.g. bombers, hoodies, field jackets, leather bikers...
• Casual trousers e.g. joggers, chinos, loungewear, jeans...
• Coats & Overcoats
• Black Tie & White Tie
• Trousers
• Shirts
• T-shirts

And anything else you might have in mind...

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At FEDRO GAUDENZI we work closely with the Row’s most trusted mills, like Holland & Sherry, Dormeuil, Loro Piana and Dugdale - a selection of over 4,000 cloths is available to browse in our showroom.

Versed in both artisanal craft and the latest technology, we also work with the world’s leading specialists in silk, cotton, linen, leather, high-tech performance fabrics and bespoke textile manufacturing.

Whether you are looking for a reproduction of your favourite wool cloth, an original 1920's jacquard, the most exquisite Vicuña, or certified crocodile leather dyed to your colour of choice - if you can think it, we can make it.

Our diverse team and network of specialist experts can craft every treatment available in the industry, from bespoke print design to hand dyeing, embroidery, advanced high-performance treatments, hand embellishment, and development of one-off commissioned textiles.