Looking after our community and business during the Coronavirus outbreak

In light of recent events we wanted to let you know we are committed to keeping our working environment a safe space for our community of customers, staff, suppliers and partners. In accordance with local and global health guidance, we have decided to postpone any international travels to affected areas by members of staff for the time being, and will continue to comply with any new recommendations. We would also like to share some useful resources for staying informed, and measures we are taking to help you feel and stay safe.


Stay Informed

Our priority is the welfare of our customers, team and network, so we ask that you follow the latest advice from Public Health England and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
For all the latest UK Government advice, you can visit their dedicated portal here

What we are doing

• Washing hands with soap and water -for at least 20 seconds- regularly.
• Always washing hands when getting in from the street.
• Sanitising work surfaces, floors and handles; we have increased this procedure to three regular times a day, plus for any appointment.
• Complying with PPE regulations to mitigate any close-contact risk when it cannot be avoided.

• Introducing flexible working times, allowing team members to commute outside rush hour to avoid crowds.
• All of our bespoke garments are sanitised before fittings and deliveries. 

Appointments & Visits in London area

We take pride in our space and as a small business we want to continue to support our staff, suppliers and clients in the best way we can. We are open for business as regular at our Soho studio, 10am-6pm Mon-Fri and 12pm-5pm on Saturdays (with an appointment only).

As always, serving our customers and providing convenience and ease is at the forefront of our work -and a crucial part of the bespoke experience-, and we continue to offer meetings scheduled at your location of choice. Whether that is your home, office, or weekend residence, you can request both design appointments and fittings to be carried out at your preferred location within Greater London.

Bespoke Timings

We continue to operate as usual, adhering to our regular Bespoke making times. If you would like to enquire about timings for a particular piece or request an expedite slot for an earlier delivery, please speak to a member of our team on +44 (0) 2034882628 or bespoke@fedrogaudenzi.com

Two-piece Suit: Jacket, Trouser
12 weeks from start to delivery
Formal three-piece / White Tie:  Frock Coat or Morning Coat / Dress Coat, Trouser, Waistcoat
14 weeks from start to delivery

Jacket  10-12 weeks from start to delivery
Trouser   8-10 weeks from start to delivery
Shirt  6-8 weeks from start to delivery
T-Shirt   5-6 weeks from start to delivery

Please note: these timings are estimate only and depend both on the exact specifications of a piece, and ability to commit to scheduled fittings. Expedite orders within a timeframe shorter than shown above should be consulted on an individual piece basis and will incur an additional fee of 40-60%, based on the urgency of the delivery.

Note for Returning Customers

If you have previously ordered a bespoke item with us, you can re-order a piece of similar cut to be made straight to finish. Following a remote design consultation if needed, samples of materials will be sent to your preferred address, as will be the finished piece. We might ask that you send pictures of your front, back and side once you receive the garment, so that any adjustments can be done without in-person fittings if you wish. All shipments costs, and returns for alterations if needed, will be covered by us. 

If you would prefer to come into our studio, you are welcome to communicate any special requirements or extra precautions you would like us to take.